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Monday, May 11, 2015

Kubernetes Release: 0.16.0

Release Notes:
  • Bring up a kuberenetes cluster using coreos image as worker nodes #7445 (dchen1107)
  • Cloning v1beta3 as v1 and exposing it in the apiserver #7454 (nikhiljindal)
  • API Conventions for Late-initializers #7366 (erictune)
  • Upgrade Elasticsearch to 1.5.2 for cluster logging #7455 (satnam6502)
  • Make delete actually stop resources by default. #7210 (brendandburns)
  • Change kube2sky to use token-system-dns secret, point at https endpoint ... #7154(cjcullen)
  • Updated CoreOS bare metal docs for 0.15.0 #7364 (hvolkmer)
  • Print named ports in 'describe service' #7424 (thockin)
  • AWS
  • Return public & private addresses in GetNodeAddresses #7040 (justinsb)
  • Improving getting existing VPC and subnet #6606 (gust1n)
  • Set hostname_override for minions, back to fully-qualified name #7182 (justinsb)
  • Conversion to v1beta3
  • Convert node level logging agents to v1beta3 #7274 (satnam6502)
  • Removing more references to v1beta1 from pkg/ #7128 (nikhiljindal)
  • update examples/cassandra to api v1beta3 #7258 (caesarxuchao)
  • Convert Elasticsearch logging to v1beta3 and de-salt #7246 (satnam6502)
  • Update examples/storm for v1beta3 #7231 (bcbroussard)
  • Update examples/spark for v1beta3 #7230 (bcbroussard)
  • Update Kibana RC and service to v1beta3 #7240 (satnam6502)
  • Updating the guestbook example to v1beta3 #7194 (nikhiljindal)
  • Update Phabricator to v1beta3 example #7232 (bcbroussard)
  • Update Kibana pod to speak to Elasticsearch using v1beta3 #7206 (satnam6502)
  • Validate Node IPs; clean up validation code #7180 (ddysher)
  • Add PortForward to runtime API. #7391 (vmarmol)
  • kube-proxy uses token to access port 443 of apiserver #7303 (erictune)
  • Move the logging-related directories to where I think they belong #7014 (a-robinson)
  • Make client service requests use the default timeout now that external load balancers are created asynchronously #6870 (a-robinson)
  • Fix bug in kube-proxy of not updating iptables rules if a service's public IPs change #6123(a-robinson)
  • PersistentVolumeClaimBinder #6105 (markturansky)
  • Fixed validation message when trying to submit incorrect secret #7356 (soltysh)
  • First step to supporting multiple k8s clusters #6006 (justinsb)
  • Parity for namespace handling in secrets E2E #7361 (pmorie)
  • Add cleanup policy to RollingUpdater #6996 (ironcladlou)
  • Use narrowly scoped interfaces for client access #6871 (ironcladlou)
  • Warning about Critical bug in the GlusterFS Volume Plugin #7319 (wattsteve)
  • Rolling update
  • First part of improved rolling update, allow dynamic next replication controller generation. #7268 (brendandburns)
  • Further implementation of rolling-update, add rename #7279 (brendandburns)
  • Added basic apiserver authz tests. #7293 (ashcrow)
  • Retry pod update on version conflict error in e2e test. #7297 (quinton-hoole)
  • Add "kubectl validate" command to do a cluster health check. #6597 (fabioy)
  • coreos/azure: Weave version bump, various other enhancements #7224 (errordeveloper)
  • Azure: Wait for salt completion on cluster initialization #6576 (jeffmendoza)
  • Tighten label parsing #6674 (kargakis)
  • fix watch of single object #7263 (lavalamp)
  • Upgrade go-dockerclient dependency to support CgroupParent #7247 (guenter)
  • Make secret volume plugin idempotent #7166 (pmorie)
  • Salt reconfiguration to get rid of nginx on GCE #6618 (roberthbailey)
  • Revert "Change kube2sky to use token-system-dns secret, point at https e... #7207 (fabioy)
  • Pod templates as their own type #5012 (smarterclayton)
  • iscsi Test: Add explicit check for attach and detach calls. #7110 (swagiaal)
  • Added field selector for listing pods #7067 (ravigadde)
  • Record an event on node schedulable changes #7138 (pravisankar)
  • Resolve #6812, limit length of load balancer names #7145 (caesarxuchao)
  • Convert error strings to proper validation errors. #7131 (rjnagal)
  • ResourceQuota add object count support for secret and volume claims #6593(derekwaynecarr)
  • Use Pod.Spec.Host instead of Pod.Status.HostIP for pod subresources #6985 (csrwng)
  • Prioritize deleting the non-running pods when reducing replicas #6992 (yujuhong)
  • Kubernetes UI with Dashboard component #7056 (preillyme)
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