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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Kubernetes Community Meeting Notes - 20160211

February 11th - Pangaea Demo, #AWS SIG formed, release automation and documentation team introductions. 1.2 update and planning 1.3. 

The Kubernetes contributing community meets most Thursdays at 10:00PT to discuss the project's status via videoconference. Here are the notes from the latest meeting.

  • Note taker: Rob Hirschfeld
  • Demo: Pangaea [Shahidh K Muhammed, Tanmai Gopal, and Akshaya Acharya]
    • Microservices packages
    • Focused on Application developers
    • Demo at recording +4 minutes
    • Single node kubernetes cluster — runs locally using Vagrant CoreOS image
    • Single user/system cluster allows use of DNS integration (unlike Compose)
      • prevents collisions
    • Can run locally or in cloud
    • Best contact is via the Pangaea repo
  • SIG Report
      • collecting operators and tools (inventory)
      • will set time for meeting:  recommendations?  time zone?
    • Hello world from SIG-AWS
      • running K8s on AWS
  • Release Automation and an introduction to David McMahon
    • Current is heavily documented but not automated
    • objectives
      • separate build and release
      • make it more of a software process (less manual & more repeatable)
      • target to have framework built (automation will not be ready next release)
  • Docs and k8s website redesign proposal and an introduction to John Mulhausen
    • Switching from native script munging to Jekyll (
    • This will allow the system to build docs correctly from Github w/ minimal effort
    • Will be check-in triggered
    • Getting website style updates
    • Want to keep authoring really light
    • There will be some automated checks
    • Next week: preview of the new website during the community meeting
  • [@goltermann] 1.2 Release Watch (time +34 minutes)
    • code slush date: 2/9/2016
      • not 100% but close.  some resources still moving from beta to v1
    • no major features or refactors accepted
    • discussion about release criteria: we will hold release date for bugs
      • we’re getting accurate counts of bugs.  
      • hard to predict burn down at this point
  • Testing flake surge is over (one time event and then maintain test stability)
    • if you find a “flaky” test, then it’s a P0 to fix it.  Want to eliminate false fail test results
      • they are down by 75%!  (meaning, that 75% of them are eliminated)
  • 1.3 Planning (time +40 minutes)
    • working to cleanup the Github milestones — they should be a source of truth.  you can use Github for bug reporting
    • push off discussion while 1.2 crunch is under
    • Framework
      • dates
      • prioritization
      • feedback
    • Design Review meetings
    • General discussion about the PRD process — still at the beginning states

    • Working on a contributor conference
    • Rob suggested tracking relationships between PRD/Mgmr authors
    • PLEASE DO REVIEWS — talked about the way people are authorized to +2 reviews.

To get involved in the Kubernetes community consider joining our Slack channel, taking a look at the Kubernetes project on GitHub, or join the Kubernetes-dev Google group. If you’re really excited, you can do all of the above and join us for the next community conversation — February 18th, 2016. Please add yourself or a topic you want to know about to the agenda and get a calendar invitation by joining this group.

The full recording is available on YouTube in the growing archive of Kubernetes Community Meetings.

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